Sunday, 24 July 2011


Well I have been doing this blog for a week , and it is helping me keep track.
I have spent a total of £8.65 on food (plus casserole dish)
I do have alot of food in the freezer,fridge and cupboards.Which I am using up.
So thats £21.35 left over from my weekly food money .
So with left over food money plus ebay, I have paid an extra £39.76 this week to Vanquis CC.
I am really pleased about that.
I have all the housework done today so I am going to sit in the garden with a book I got from the libary.


Saturday, 23 July 2011


Well today has been sunny, so all bedlinen and towels were washed and dried.
Two jackets that I wear alot in winter washed with some scarfs, gloves and hats  all ready for winter.
Going to make a couple of draught excluders from some old tee-shirts and fabric I have spare.
Sold a few things on ebay so a few £s headed to Vanquis CC.
Have listed more today as still have loads to get rid of.
Made HM bread, pasta bake enough for two days
Also made some lovely lentil soup which I put into containers and put in the freezer enough for 4 meals for the 2 of us.


Friday, 22 July 2011


Well my niece rang early this mornimg, to say she was taking me out to lunch .
We had a lovely day out as she needed a few things in the shops then lunch it was so relaxing.
Got a lovely brand new casserole dish with lid  in a box  from a charity shop for £1.
So that was my spend for today.
Letter from the hospital for one of the tests my doctor has ordered  Wednesday 27th.
So thats another one out of the way.

Total spends for the week £8.65 ( including the casserole dish )

Thursday, 21 July 2011


I have not been feeling well today, so I have just been sitting around and reading.
My chest is sore and my cough is back.
This blog is also for me to keep track of my heath and how I feel each day.

NSD today

Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Well  I have started going through the winter clothes, and I washed OH two jackets he wears in winter.
Plus one of my jackets so they will be ready to go.
Listed seven things on ebay today, want to try and list at least five things each day until all this clutter is gone.
Going to take quite awhile, at least that will keep me busy.So hoping that I sell lots to help with my debt.

I have an appointment with my  Pulmonary Doctor is six weeks than I will be told how advanced this lung disease is. They are doing tests on  me to see how I have got it, as they assumed I smoked.
Told them I have never smoked it my life.
I am determined to stay postive. As I have it now and its not going away, it will only get worst.

Spent £1.10 milk thats a total spend this week £7.65.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Well I have started my plans for a more frugal life.
We will not be buying anything unless it is a NEED not a WANT.
I am going to go through all our winter clothes and see what we need to get us through winter .
I am okay for duvets, blankets, throws and hot water bottles as I got plenty last year.
So over the next few weeks I will get them out and wash then and have them all ready.
We even have snow grips for our shoes as we needed them last year as it was bad here, could not get around without them.

Spent £1.50 for eggs  thats a total spend this week of £6.55

Monday, 18 July 2011


I have decided that I will pay minimum payment to all debt, except Vanquis CC.
This card will have all spare cash plus ebay money paid off it until it is clear.
This amount  owing on this card is £1756.40. 
I plan to be debt free by 25/12/15
I have taken our food money out of the bank it will be £30 week for the two of us.
My freezer and  food cupboard are quite full, so I plan to use up as much as I can.
I did a menu plan for the week, and I only had to buy Potatoes, Oranges and Milk today.
Total cost £5.05.
I will not have to buy any toiletries or cleaning goods for awhile as I have lots, and I mean lots.
I have listed a few things on ebay yesterday as it was a free weekend, so any profit goes to Vanquis.
I am still going through things to put on ebay, and I have lots, some things not even opened.

As for my health I am taking that one day at a time.

Sunday, 17 July 2011


Hi, My name is Dee and this is my new blog.
   I found Frugal Queens blog a few weeks ago, and love it.
  So I decided to start my own to keep me on track on getting rid of my debt.
  But last week I also found out I have Restictive Lung Disease.
 So I have decided that I will fight them together.
 Unlike the debt that I will get rid of, the disease will never go away.
 I will be having tests of the next eight weeks to see how advanced it is.
 My Total Debt is £18.368 at the first of  July.
So my Journey of My new frugal life begins today  17 th July 2011