Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Well  I have started going through the winter clothes, and I washed OH two jackets he wears in winter.
Plus one of my jackets so they will be ready to go.
Listed seven things on ebay today, want to try and list at least five things each day until all this clutter is gone.
Going to take quite awhile, at least that will keep me busy.So hoping that I sell lots to help with my debt.

I have an appointment with my  Pulmonary Doctor is six weeks than I will be told how advanced this lung disease is. They are doing tests on  me to see how I have got it, as they assumed I smoked.
Told them I have never smoked it my life.
I am determined to stay postive. As I have it now and its not going away, it will only get worst.

Spent £1.10 milk thats a total spend this week £7.65.

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  1. You're very organised. I've still to get started on this Ebay lark. Thank you for becoming a follower of my blog. Hope you enjoy your visits.
    Keep smiling.
    Love from Mum