Monday, 18 July 2011


I have decided that I will pay minimum payment to all debt, except Vanquis CC.
This card will have all spare cash plus ebay money paid off it until it is clear.
This amount  owing on this card is £1756.40. 
I plan to be debt free by 25/12/15
I have taken our food money out of the bank it will be £30 week for the two of us.
My freezer and  food cupboard are quite full, so I plan to use up as much as I can.
I did a menu plan for the week, and I only had to buy Potatoes, Oranges and Milk today.
Total cost £5.05.
I will not have to buy any toiletries or cleaning goods for awhile as I have lots, and I mean lots.
I have listed a few things on ebay yesterday as it was a free weekend, so any profit goes to Vanquis.
I am still going through things to put on ebay, and I have lots, some things not even opened.

As for my health I am taking that one day at a time.

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